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You’re here because you have an interest as a current or prospective executor or administrator of an estate or trust. You’re likely seeking to fully understand what is required in this position … and in search of a proven resource for advice and guidance. The details that face an executor or administrator of an estate or trust can be overwhelming!

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Since 2011, Blair + Assoc has successfully met the accounting, tax and financial guidance requirements of estate & trust administrators in Central Virginia. Additionally, many executors and administrators rely on Blair + Assoc as the consulting resource to help make the right decisions to protect the intentions of the estate.

Consultations often begin with a review of the duties that an executor and/or trustee are called upon to perform.

• Identifies assets and location.
• Directs valuation of all assets to provide beneficiaries with information to determine tax basis for distributions and for tax purposes.
• Sets up checking account and pays bills.
• Maintains thorough record keeping.
• Oversees tax return preparation and tax planning issues
• Manages the distribution of assets to beneficiaries as dictated by the decedent’s will/trust.

If you are, or anticipate becoming, an executor/administrator for an existing estate or trust, be sure to review changes in the new tax law that affect federal estate tax exemptions, portability and gift tax exclusions. That’s where we can help as your trusted advisor to interpret current tax code followed by solid direction to ensure compliance and to capitalize on changes that may benefit the intentions of the estate.

As executor/trustee, enlist the aid of accounting, legal and investment professionals. From the accounting side, we at Blair + Assoc stand ready to serve executors and trustees with both consultation as well as filing the following documents:

• Inventories
• Court accountings
• Final income tax returns for the deceased
• Estate tax returns
• Trust income tax returns.

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Neither you nor Blair + Assoc is alone in resolving your estate or trust challenges. You will be pleased to know that whatever your concerns…they will be addressed by a seasoned staff of estate and trust accounting professionals.


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