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Since 2011, Blair + Assoc has successfully met the accounting needs of individual taxpayers, like yourself, in Central Virginia. Additionally, many individuals and families have relied on Blair + Assoc as the “go-to-guide” to enhance their financial well-being. Often, we are called upon to collaborate with other trusted advisors to dove-tail accounting and tax advice with investment and legal issues.

Making good financial decisions is frequently based on accounting solutions…the foundation in choosing appropriate actions. That’s where we can help as your trusted advisor to interpret current tax code and financial information followed by solid direction to minimize your tax bite and maximize your financial goals.

Your financial goals are uniquely yours. For this reason, we believe our professional guidance should also be unique…developed and applied especially for you. Your tax and accounting needs change depending on your stage in life. So, whether you are a young couple in the early phase of your financial life journey, an established family with dual incomes, planning your retirement or already enjoying your “golden years”…we’re here to help.

Your interests and needs may fall into one or more planning categories:

• Tax planning
• Retirement plan options and contributions
• College savings plans
• Retirement planning
• Major changes in family status
• Other, sometimes unpredictable, life events

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