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Check Out This Immediate, But Short-term Relief

October 2017


2017 10A 01


You may already have received a letter from the tax department to let you know about a short-term program to relieve you of penalties and interest on back taxes that you owe. There are details and exclusions, but the basics are that penalties on your overdue taxes will be 100% waived as will 50% of assessed interest on your debt.

Note: You must take action now to apply for amnesty. The program is in effect only between September 13 and November 14, 2017. Once the amnesty period expires, any remaining amnesty-qualified liabilities will be assessed an additional 20 percent penalty. 

Here is a more detailed description of taxpayers who will qualify and those who will not.

The Virginia state tax department reminds eligible taxpayers that “Hiding from your tax debt won’t make it go away.” Click here to submit your application to get help during Virginia Tax Amnesty.


2017 10A 02